Laboratory safety
Accident Management
Managed Laboratories – safety and health items to be aware of
  1.  Having 3 hours of training each in both general safety and health educational training and special operational safety and health education training before being allowed to perform experiments in labs.
  2. To follow lab safety and health work rules upon entering the lab and doing the experiment.
  3. Following the SOP safety operational standards when performing experiments.  If no SOP exists, it must be established, after discussion with and getting approval from the guiding professor, and signed by all and publicly announced for implementation.
  4. Wearing lab coats and safety protection gear when conducting experiments, returning objects to their original place after completion, and tightening containers containing chemicals or medicine.
  5. No eating or drinking within the labs.
  6. To register upon entering or leaving the lab, and getting approval to enter the labs during holidays or vacations.
  7. During emergencies, to follow emergency response measures and to contact the emergency phone posted within the lab containing the emergency contact poster.