Environment protection safety center is compose of one director and three division─enviroment & radiation protection division, laboratory safety and health division and planning division. The center is responsible for protecting the campus environment environmental and the laboratory safety and health business.

Chief Director Dr. Chia-Ching ChangTo manage the environmental protection and safety center56959ccchang01@faculty.nctu.edu
Division Director of Laboratory Safety andHealth DivisionDr. Chiun-Jye YuanTo manage the enviroment and radiation protection division31735cjyuan@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Division Director of Enviroment & Radiation Protection DivisionChiu-Ming LeeTo manage the safety and health affair51519cml@nctu.edu.tw
Enviroment & radiation protection division
Senior ClerkMing-Hsien ChouManagement of waste water discharge affairs31799fransis@nctu.edu.tw 
Technical SpecialistYu-Hsin YuManagement of radiation protection51514yusim@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Technical SpecialistHsiao-Chun ChengManagement of biological safety and Infectious medical waste51517hsiao-chun@nctu.edu.tw
laboratory safety and health division
Technical SpecialistJui-Fang WenManagement of the laboratory safety51518jerrywen@nctu.edu.tw 
Technical SpecialistFong-I ChenManagement of 51523fongi@nctu.edu.tw
Technical SpecialistHui-Min FengChemicals management、Conduct laboratory safety and
health educational training