2021/05/19 |0519 NYCU Epidemic Prevention Announcement

2021/04/9 |The center will conduct online courses of occupational safety and health education training, and hazard general education training on 4/9-23. Those who want to make up courses should register from the Laboratory Environmental Safety Management Department of Chiao Tung University (http://lms.nctu.edu.tw/).

2021/03/15 |The inspection time of Ionizing radiation experimental sites and the notification of radiation safety testing in the second semester of the 109 academic year will be detailed and notified by mail.

2021/02/01 |From 2/8-2/16 of the Spring Festival holiday, please pay attention to arrangements of the transportation of chemicals (toxic chemicals).

2020/11/11|Pick up lab solid wastes.

2020/10/12|Pick up the disposed organic solutions, chemical regents.

2020/09/07 |109「General occupational safety and health education」

2020/08/01 |109-year「Laboratory related education and training course schedule」

2020/06/24|Pick up the disposed organic solutions, inorganic solutions

2020/05/25|Turn in the Report of CMUWG

2020/04/17|Turn in the Report of Dangerous Machine and Equipment questionnaire

2020/03/16|Pick up the disposed organic solutions, chemical regents.

2020/01/22 |Pick up lab solid wastes

2020/01/07 | 108-year laboratory environmental safety management system operation manual (student version)

2019/12/25 | Certificate of Appreciation from Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau, EPA, Executive, R.O.C

2019/07/23 | 108 lab safety education

2019/01/02 | 2019 Calendar

2018/12/03 | Calendar (DEC)

2018/11/01 | Calendar (NOV)

2018/10/01 | Release of results of the biosafety training course (English course at Sep 27, 28)

2018/07/26 | Calendar (AUG)

2018/07/01 | Calendar (JUL)

2018/06/01 | Calendar(JUN)