Education Training of Radiation Protection

One.  Qualified Personnel
 According to Item 1 of Article 31 of the Radiation Protection Law: ‘Personnel who operate radioactive substances and equipment that can generate free-ionizing radiation should be trained at appointed institutes by the regulatory agencies, and possess radiation safety certificates or licenses.  However, those who have related radiation operating licenses that are approved by regulatory agencies or based on teaching needs to be trained under the guidance of qualified personnel (note 1), is not limited to this.’
Note 1:  Based on teaching needs, the following can operate the training under the guidance of qualified personnel.

  1. Instructors, research personnel, and students of secondary schools, colleges and universities, academic research institutes.
  2. Students of radiation protection training agencies approved by the regulatory agencies.
  3. Residents that are receiving practical training including doctors, dentists, medical school students, graduates of medical schools.
  4. New staff before receiving job pre-training.

Two.  Qualifications for those operating radiation related experiments for this university

  1. Based on teaching needs, those receiving guidance under qualified personnel to operate, must attend the 3 hour radiation protection training held by the university, and receive an operating qualification certificate from the university, or have received 3 or more hours of radiation protection training by the Atomic Energy Council.  The training certificate by the university is valid for only 1 year, and expired certificates, must be renewed by undergoing a new training session.
  2. Instructors, research personnel, and students of the university and academic research institutions, after receiving 3 hours or more radiation protection seminars, can operate the radioactive substances or radiation producing equipment if registered and under the guidance of qualified personnel mentioned in point 1.  If there is a need to operate radioactive substances of radiation producing equipment which need permits, this should be done under the direct supervision of qualified personnel.
  3. For those who have received only 3 hours of training at the university or academic research institutions, they are not classed as qualified personnel, and thus must not instruct others in terms of operating.

Three. The Educational Training of Radiation Protection of this University

  1. In the beginning of each school year (usually October), the Environmental Protection and Safety Center will conduct a radiation safety seminar (will conduct additional classes if necessary).
  2. Those with the requirement should get the training first; those unable to do the training at the seminar or fail to pass the seminar, should get trained at their own expense outside the university.

Four.  Free Radiation Protection Educational Training Outside the University (please link on the website below for automatic linkage)

  1. National Tsing Hua University Nuclear Science and Technology Development Center.
  2. Radiation Protection Association, R.O.C.
  3. National Yang Ming University Radiation Protection Seminar Class.
  4. Association of Industries in Science Parks.
  5. Chinese Health and Effective Safety and Radiation Protection Development Association.