The Development and History
Location and Map
The Development and History of the Center for Environmental Protection and Laboratory Safety

In 1993, the Council of Labor Affairs included the laboratories, experimental rooms, intern factories, experimental factories, and research rooms as applicable to labor safety and health laws.  The university then followed the required safety and environmental protection regulations to promote the environmental safety and management work within university laboratories.
At the beginning, this work was conducted under the Division of General Affairs.  However, because the division lacked professional environmental and safety personnel and the staff and students are not familiar with the regulations, the promotion work did not progress easily.   With an increasingly rigorous enforcement by the government and with the robust development of the university’s teaching and research domains, the potential hazardous factors created in terms of environmental protection and safety have gradually increased.  The safety and environmental issues faced by the university labs have become increasingly serious, and so the management work to implement campus environmental protection and labor safety and health laws and regulations have become increasingly urgent.
To respond to these needs, the Division of General Affairs implemented, over 1 year of environmental safety work, by referencing the environmental safety related organization of National Taiwan University and other universities, the university affairs meeting passed the ‘Establishing the Environmental Protection and Radiation Safety of Laboratories with Establishment of the Environmental Protection and Safety Center Plan’ on March 18th , 1998.  This plan was submitted to the Dept of Education (DOE), and was approved by the Dept of Education in July 1998.  The Environmental Protection and Safety Center was then formed (simply called the EPSC).
To promote lab safety and health at work, after the approval of the 214th Administration Meeting on Aug 13th , 1997, the University Labor Safety and Health Committee was established in accordance with the law.  The  Division of General Affairs established the laboratory safety and health management organization, and the Director of General Affairs served as the director to promote lab safety and health work.  Afterwards, radiation safety work was also included, and the organization modified.  In Oct, 1998, the management unit for Environmental Protection Radiation and Laboratory Safety and Health Center was established.
The Office of the Environmental Protection and Safety Center is located on the 2F of Chung Cheng Hall at the Kuangfu Campus.  It was first planned and established by the former Director of General Affairs Professor Shih-Chang Huang who also served as the head.  After approval by the Dept of Education, Professor Cheng-Chung Kao of the Environmental Engineering Institute served as the first director of the center in Oct 1998.  Starting from Feb 2001, Professor Hund-Der Yeh of the Environmental Engineering Institute has served as the  second director up till now.
In 2011, the center increased coverage of safety and protection for biological materials.  In July 2011, professor of biology Chung-Chie Yuen was recruited to serve as section leader of the Environmental Radiation and Protection Division.  At the same time, 1 new member of staff was hired to take care of the safety of biological materials related work.